Patient Testimonials

I’ve been receiving care from Dr. Jacques for several years & have gained complete confidence & respect for his competency, standard of care, & ability to discover, address & heal both major & underlying conditions.

I’m a 56 year old guy in a 36 year old body, thanks to Dr. Jacques’ analyses & recommendations. I found him initially during a red alert search for Naturopathic alternatives to conventional, invasive approaches to prostate disease. He saw me through that drama, and as I have aged, continues to provide advice, dietary resources, hormone therapy and supplemental science to keep me functional, vital, encouraged & revived.

This is a glowing review for sure, but genuine in every regard, because I’m a skeptic & a critic at heart.

Here’s the bottom line: I owe my increasing quality of life in contrast to my accumulating birthdays to Dr. Jacques. He’s no panacea, so there’s effort & commitment required to effectuate one’s desired outcomes. But you simply could not be in better hands”
08/15/2013Steve F

I love Dr. Jacques! I am a 42 year old mom of a young child and thought my troubles with falling and staying asleep, migraine headaches and lack of sex drive were just the unfortunate results of having a 4 year old. I am so glad Dr. Jacques recommended I have my blood work done because I found out I do have a hormone deficiency. I am really excited to feel like my old, YOUNG SELF AGAIN and be the best mom and wife I can be! I was also able to take Dr. Jacques’s lab request to my doctor at Kaiser and had all my lab work covered by Kaiser. Dr. Jacques made me feel really comfortable even when talking about some pretty personal subjects. He also offered a number of practical ideas of things I could change in my home as well as in my diet to help with my problems. If you are looking for real results and are tired of feeling like crap give Dr. Jacques a try, I’m really glad I did!”

I have had great experiences seeing Dr. Jacques! He is thorough, patient, and emphasizes clients taking an active role in their health management. Office visits and packages are reasonably priced; he also frequently hosts free seminars on varying topics that I have enjoyed attending ”
02/15/2013Kat L

About 2yrs ago I was experiencing severe wrist and hip pain along with just generally feeling terrible. I couldn’t think straight or focus, and was extremely tired and had a huge weight gain. After spending years going from doctors to specialists and only getting about 80% better, I was referred to Dr. Jacques. After blood tests and talking about how I felt he found what my real issues were and I was finally on the road to getting better after spending about 3 years in pain and frustration. I highly recommend him! ”
04/20/2013Rebecca C

Over the past 5 years, I had been struggling with a number life changing ailments such as Chronic constipation, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, and Weight Gain…just to list a few, but the list goes on and on. Over my course of trying to find help… I had seen 12 plus doctors who couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me. Went through a surgery, that didn’t help my situation and then was told I was just depressed. Which I had always felt that I wasn’t. if anything….Depressed, only because I don’t feel good, and can’t get help. (frustrated)
I had given up hope on ever feeling “great or even just good” Just planned on going through life with the hand of cards that I had been dealt and making the best of it.

My mom was seeing Dr. Jacques and she recommended me to try it out.
I was hesitant because my insurance didn’t cover the expense. But, thought I need to give it one last shot.

I emailed Yoli, let her know my concerns with the expense, and how I was feeling. Wanting to be treated but, don’t want to start something I can’t fully financially commit to. Yoli and Dr. Jacques were genuinely concerned with my health and worked with me in the best way they could.
I made the appointment, started treatment, and amazingly enough in one weeks time, I had changed. Energy restored, no migraines, my focus restored as well as all my other symptoms. My husband and I couldn’t believe it.

From one week to the next, I had changed… I couldn’t be more thankful, for Dr. Jacques willingness to help in bringing me back to life!
Yoli and Dr. Jacques are an amazingly dedicated team who really care about doing the right thing and caring for their patients!!

07/01/2013Ivy H.

Six years ago I was experiencing severe intestinal issues and was reluctant to leave my house in fear of not being close to a restroom. After spending months going from doctors to specialists with no diagnosis and results, I was referred to Dr. Jacques. He spent an intense hour with me asking a million questions, and came up with a treatment plan. After three days of following his advice, I was feeling well and normal again. He is now my first “go to” person with any medical issue or questions I have. He also helped get my husband’s sugar and blood pressure under control in very short order, and we are happy to say we, as a family, are off almost all medications! I can’t recommend him highly enough.” –Debbie

Dr Brett Jacques has changed my life forever. He has an amazing way of making his patients feel comfortable in their own skin while helping them achieve the goals to achieve optimum health. His goal is to help as many people as possible feel their absolute best. I am the Practice Manager for Dr. Jacques and a very satisfied patient. I have achieved a level of health I have never thought possible. I was tired of being tired and lost my desire to work out. I am now full of energy and praising Dr. Jacques name for giving me my life back . I actually felt so good I quit my job and decided to run his practice. Helping people is our passion and we love it! I am in my 40’s and look and feel better than I did in my 20’s! ”

I first started seeing Dr. Jacques in 2009, when I finally decided I was going to improve my health. I constantly felt tired, sluggish and low on energy. I was already working out several days a week, with little to no results. After an initial consultation with Dr. Jacques, he did a thorough interview and quickly ordered lab panels. Shortly thereafter, I went back to Dr. Jacques and he reviewed my results with me and the findings were astonishing. I had been living with low testosterone for many years and paying a dear price for it. Dr. Jacques quickly established a protocol of supplements, prescriptions and nutrition that would have me feeling my best in years. I have recurring visits and labs setup with Dr. Jacques and he closely monitors all areas of the lab results that keep me at the top of my game. I wish I would have known Dr. Jacques years ago…it would have saved me a ton of wasted hours in the gym and money on supplements. I always see friends that ask me, “what’s your secret, how are you in such great form?” and I constantly recommend Dr. Jacques. Many of my friends have seen him as well and are equally impressed with the results.” –Scott

When I first started working with Dr. Jacques, my thyroid antibodies were high and I was taking three different doses of thyroid throughout the day. I was immediately impressed with his medical and integrative knowledge of thyroid, women’s health issues, immune function, supplements and nutrition. And yes, I could have a better outcome. He worked with my unique biochemistry and preferences as an out-of-state client–definitely above and beyond the call of duty. Within eighteen months the antibodies came down to normal levels and I could begin skipping the afternoon dose, at which time he said, “I knew you could do it.” Amazing, here is a truly rare medical practitioner that could see me “in health” from day one, and then help me get there! Priceless! Thank you Dr. Jacques! Now I can continue my active lifestyle of hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and traveling into my seventh decade and beyond.” –Anne, BSN, RN

I am a huge fan of Dr. Brett Jacques as a patient: my first appointment in his new location was informative, thorough and Dr. Jacques’ warm, caring approach makes it a great experience every time. I look forward to working with him regarding my health in general and my thyroid, specifically. His vast knowledge and expertise continues to amaze me and though it may sound dramatic, he literally SAVED MY LIFE several years ago!!!! He gave the first in-depth and accurate diagnosis of my serious thyroid condition after eight long years of suffering under the care of well-meaning but woefully uninformed doctors (seven different physicians). I happily refer him to so many people as I want them to benefit as I have, as a patient of Dr. Jacques.” –Carolyn

Dr. Jacques has drastically improved the quality of my life. I am a busy mother of four daughters. I had chronic pain and headaches for 2 years following a major surgery.

I couldn’t make it through the day without taking a nap or taking pain medication. After 9 months of treatment, I am full of energy and 20 pounds lighter. My family is so thankful for
my health! I feel like a new person, my life has completely changed for the better thanks to Dr. Jacques!” – Courtney

I have known Dr. Jacques for over 3 years. I have always chosen a holistic approach to healing and health over western medicine. It was a delight to find someone who shares similar views. My daughter has suffered for 10 years from ulcerated colitis having had numerous colonoscopies and harsh medications. After working with Dr. Jacques she is almost symptom free. My teenage son has a severe hormonal imbalance causing mild depression and other problems. He has greatly improved and is in a much better state of mind. I would highly recommend Dr. Jacques, as I have to many of my friends and family. I have gotten complimented numerous times on how good I look and seem to feel using the Wiley Protocol bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and various supplements suggested by Dr. Jacques. I must add that he is one of the most knowledgeable people I know, and I am not easily impressed.” – Kathy

I am in my early forties and have been suffering from chronic fatigue and a very bad chronic ear situation. I also had p.m.s. that was causing depression and affecting my relationship with my partner. I have never been a person to go to the doctor and refused to find the value in having my blood drawn to check to see if I had any allergies or to check my hormones because I am only 40. I finally caved after much suffering, Dr. Jacques tested my blood and discovered I was anemic, hypoglycemic, had multiple allergies and hormonally imbalanced. I have found much value in lab work and the respect of Dr. Jacques treatment plan for me. I am now full of energy, no p.m.s. or depression and have the sex drive of a twenty year old girl thanks to the bio-identical hormones and Dr. Jacques.” – Julie

He saved my life!” –Natalie

Dr. Jacques has helped direct my path toward health and healing. I value his wealth of knowledge and consistent understanding and encouragement. By the strength of God I have been able to implement many of his recommended lifestyle changes. I can honestly say they are bringing health and balance to my body.” –Laraine

Dr Jacques was willing to treat my symptoms and takes the time to address these symptoms in a manner that a traditional medical physician may dismiss. He was open and willing to guide me down a path to relieving my symptoms and improving my quality of life in order to feel better! He looked at all the options of therapy to support me.” – Corinne

He brought me back from the dead!” –Laura

I have been going to Dr Jacques for three years now, he has changed my thyroid medication to make my metabolism more active and put me on Hormone Replacement hormones for my peri menopausal symptoms and helps my body stays in better cardiovascular and bone health. I have recommended many friends and associates who have become very vibrant and in better health! I would highly recommend Dr. Jacques.” –Susan

He is my hero!” –Tammy

I didn’t realize I had stopped caring about myself until I went on the bio identical hormones. Within 4 days my self outlook improved and I wanted to work out and I had the energy to do so. The bonus I was not expecting was my libido went through the roof. I feel like I am alive again!” –Laura