How to nurture good bugs in your body to stay healthy – AKA Microbiome

The emergence of the Microbiome’s importance has been a boon to patient health and maybe a nail in the coffin of the overuse of antibiotics. Many researchers have studied the kinds of microbial creatures that reside in humans and they vary extensively based on region. Further research […]

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Patient Intensive Medicine

The bane and beauty of natural medicine are that the patient is required to fully participate if they want complete results. Our American society has fostered a take a pill mentality and not nurtured personal responsibility or accountability. Naturopathic doctors fully support the healing power of the […]

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Light in Health and Disease

Light will become a potent medicine in the not too distant future. The effects of light in health and disease have been observed and studied since the time of Hippocrates (most likely before then). We will concern ourselves with 2 basic types for now: Natural and Artificial […]

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When is the flu not the flu?

A recent study in the online British Medical Journal has found that most people diagnosed with the flu, don’t in fact have the flu. In the study, the overwhelming majority of the samples evaluated showed no trace of the viruses blamed for causing the flu. Does that […]

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Tap Water and Pesticide Chemicals Linked to Allergies

A study published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology showed that chemicals used to purify water increase your risk for developing food and environmental allergies. This was a pretty big study with 2200 participants. This same chemical is used to make pesticides. What is the […]

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Hormone Disruptors are Everywhere

In this wonderful modern age of everything right here and right now, there comes a great price to pay.  Understanding the trade-offs and implementing strategies to mitigate them is a good step in living an aware and conscious life. I’ve always said that humans are hard to […]

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The Dangers of Bio-Identical Hormones and Bio-mimetic Prescribing

I am constantly inundated with questions about the safety of bio-identical hormones (BHRT).  Apparently there are two main sources for this (mis)information, healthcare practitioners and the Internet.  Let start by saying that major media and many doctors (nurses etc.) lump all hormones together as if they were […]

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The Similarities and Differences between Naturopathic Doctors and Medical Doctors

Many of my patients before working with me had no idea what a naturopathic doctor is and how that differs from a medical doctor.  I thought I would blog the similarities and differences between our education, training and practices. What is Naturopathic Medicine? Founded upon a holistic […]

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Thoughts on Obesity

It appears that no matter where you go, people are getting bigger and not in a good way.  The obesity statistics in America are staggering. There seems to be no letting up as the predictive models for obesity are even scarier than the current statistics. You may […]

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